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Elektra | Handmade African Leather Earrings | The Naffie Collection

Elektra | Handmade African Leather Earrings | The Naffie Collection

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Handmade in Burkina Faso

Care Instructions 

Avoid any liquids, dust only, carefully sanitize metal attachment with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide 

Care Instructions

Do not let it soak in water, avoid dishwasher

Leather: Avoid water because it will cause swelling.

Necklaces: Lay flat and detangle strings of beads delicately

Brass: Use preferred brass material cleaners


Kitchen & Home Decor: Mahogany or Teak (See name of product)

Earrings: Genuine Leather, Plant Dye

Necklaces: Seed beads, genuine leather, upcycled animal bone, or genuine brass

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